Frequently asked questions

Q: Is the medical degree, awarded by Rostov State Medical University, recognized in Asia, Africa, UAE & another countries?

A: Yes, the medical degree, awarded by Rostov State Medical University, is recognized, As per the rules of each countries according to their Medical Councils, foreign medical degree (equivalent to MBBS) whose name and the degree awarded are enlisted in the World Directory of Medical Schools, published by the World Health Organization (WHO) is a recognized medical degree. Rostov State Medical University and degree awarded by it are enlisted in the World Directory Of Medical Schools, published by the World Health Organization and thus is recognized by the Medical Councils.

Q: What are the minimum requirements for admission to Rostov State Medical University?

A: As per the Graduate Medical Education Regulations, the minimum qualification for foreign students for admission to any Foreign Medical University is as follows:

  1. He/she shall complete the age of 17 years on or before the 31st of December, of the year of admission to the MBBS course (General Medicine Faculty).
  2. To get admission in RSMU, study must have 70% in each subject: English, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

Q: Is there any entrance examination for getting admission to Rostov State Medical University?

A: Yes, there is entrance examination, student must pass Chemistry and Biology MCQ test. Admissions are on first come first served system. A student should satisfy the minimum requirements for admission.

Q: Do I have to undergo a one-year Russian Language Course (Preparatory faculty for foreign students)?

A: Yes, If you have select to study Medicine in RostSMU in Russian medium then only you have to undergo the one-year Russian Language Course. For English Medium no need of Russian Language course separetly. Russian Language is neccessary to know because during Medical education you have to interact with local patients and so you must know the local language i.e Russian. That is why you are given the Russian language classes as a subject during first, second and third year, even if you are studying in English Medium. The knowledge of Russian also helps you in your daily life. 

Q: What type of climate is in Rostov-on-Don?

A: There are 4 seasons in Russia. Spring (March to May), Summer (June to August), Autumn (September to November) and Winter (December to February). Climate of Rostov is temperate continental with cool summer and mild winter. Temperature in summer is up to +30 and in winter about -10 to -25 degrees centigrade.

Q: How are we protected from -10 to -25 degrees in winters?

A: All buildings in Russia, including the University and the Hostel buildings, public transports and shops etc. are centrally heated. Government takes care of heating system. Students are well advised by our representative, how to wear and keep warm.

Q: How do I travel to my country from Russia?

A: There are many airlines operating on rout from Moscow to different cities of several countries from various airports of Moscow and the local & international airport from Rostov-on-Don city. RREC helps in purchasing air tickets with student concession.

Q: How do I travel to Moscow from Rostov?

A: Rostov-on-Don is not that much far from Moscow. Rostov is well connected to Moscow by train, bus, flight. Students usually travel to Moscow airport by bus or flight. RREC organize group travel to airport by bus or mini bus, which is comparably quite cheap or student can travel directly through International flights from Rostov-on-Don airport.

Q: Where will I live?

A: You will live in a students hostel especially for foreign students. Hostels are the best hostels of Rostov State Medical University in all Russia. The system of residence is separate for boys and girls, 2 and 3 seated big rooms, upgraded comforts, central heating, full furniture with beddings, shower room, toilet, washbasin room, security guards, laundry, cleaning and washing personnel, reading rooms, 24 hour medical center, well equipped Gymnasiums with hi-tech machines with personal trainers.

Q: If I do not like to live in the hostel, can I live in some rented flat or somewhere else?

A: No, if you got admission to the Rostov State Medical University then you have to live in the hostel. This is for your well being only. When living in the hostel, you are inside the campus, your classes are nearby, you are safe, in the hostel there is a studious environment, students live in more disciplined manner, there is a strictly controlled system keeping a watch on students. Rest depend on students or his/her parents.

Q: Do we have a gym in our university campus?

A: Yes, we have gym, operating separately for boys and girls. We have all kinds of machines in them. Personal trainers are giving you guidelines for your exercises.

Q: Do I have to clean my toilet and shower room myself?

A: No, a cleaning woman will come daily and clean your toilet, washbasin room and shower room.

Q: Can I do any part time job?

A: No, you will be in Russia on a student visa and so you are not allowed to take an employment. Further more you will be a medical student and a medical student does not have that much of free time to take an employment.

Q: Can a foreign student open a bank account?

A: Yes, a foreign student can open a bank account.

Q: Can I pay my tuition fees before arriving to university?

A: No, you have to pay your fees only in Russia.

Q: Can I pay my fee in shape of international bank draft or bank cheque drawn in favor of the university?

A: No, the fee is not accepted in the shape of international bank draft or bank cheque drawn in favor of the university. The fee is accepted in cash only before 15th September each year up-to your completion of course.

Q: If I need money in Russia, how my parents can send me money?

A: The best way to transfer the money is to use international ATM/debit cards. For this purpose a student should open a bank account in their native country in a bank that is offering international ATM / debit card. Then, whenever he needs money, his parents will just deposit the required amount in this account and the student will withdraw the amount from any ATM machine of any Russian bank.

Q: How my parents will call me?

A: Every foreign student is advised to have a mobile phone. Mobile phone system is highly developed in Russia and your parents can easily contact you. There is lot of cheap calling softwares providing by Russian operators of communications, student have to buy ownself for his/her use.

Q: Will I have an Internet facility?

A: Yes, you will have the Internet facility.

Q: Can my parents visit me?

A: Yes, your parents are most welcome to visit you and the university. They have to take tourist visa from their native country or from Russia, and have to take care for all their visit ownself, we are not responsible for anything.

Q: When are my vacations? Can I visit my country during my vacations?

A: Winter vacations are only 15 days in January, or February, but summer vacations are two months (July and August). You are advised to visit your country during your summer vacation.

Q: Is the hostel open during these vacations? Do I have to leave the hostel during the vacation?

A: Yes, the hostel is open during vacations. No, you do not have to leave the hostel. You can stay at the hostel.

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